I WILL be there tonight. i’ll be saying my goodbyes to everyone and helping mat out like i said i would. a promise is a promise, my man.

for the record, i would totally let adam beat on me fight club style if i was in the mood for it.

Ren is my friend because she doesn’t mind when I jump the gun and then apologize for being an asshole. I love Ren even if her name is a lie.

if you’ve got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it. unfollow is on the up top side. use it please.

also it’s funy that someone who I don’t even follow has to make a comment on what I post. I really don’t care about tagging shit anymore when I hardly use this thing.

when all else fails, blame frank.

by the way we’re all adults here. I have a cell phone, an email address, a screen name and a fucking ask box. if it hurt your poor virgin eyes while you tumblrd through psych then you can let ME know.

you’re welcome, fuckers.

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